Sunday, April 24, 2005

It's a Great Day here in Allergy Season

I spent a big chunk of yesterday in the yard with Darling Husband - he looked so adorable pulling dandelions that I had to join him. I hand thatched the grass for a few minutes, but decided that was too hard on my Quilting Hands, and had to stop (yes, I am a wimp). He then assigned me the oh so fun job of rooting out and removing the rotting onions and carrots from the garden. We bought the house last year in the autumn, but apparently the family that lived here previously had left earlier in the summer, and we did not know that there were root veggies lurking amongst the weeds in the garden patch. Gotta love picking mushy onions.

Anyway, after a bit of effort we turned over a patch of garden, now ready for the planting of raspberry canes (or whatever else DH wants). Today we are both suffering a bit with itchy eyes, headaches, and general malaise. Who knew that after years of not suffering from allergies, I would finally join the ranks of red-eyed and sneezy. Bummer.

Pin basted the second of DH's home office window coverings last night - will quilt today. These are fun to quilt, as they are only about three feet wide (easy to manage with my Janome 6500 - nicknamed G'nome), and have a polyester batt which is really easy to machine quilt. The only black batting I could find at the time was poly, and he insisted on black as the window coverings were requested primarily to block light - he is tired of fighting computer screen glare. Will post photos once they are hung up.

Abstract Challenge group theme for this month is Your Theme Song. Am playing with Natalie Merchant's "Motherland". Also working on Straight & Narrow Challenge Round 2. Also putting final touches on purse pattern for selling in stores & online. And, it is the last week to submit taxes in Canada - I have a busy week ahead of me. Aargh.

So, back to the trenches, itchy eyes and all.

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